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Hiring a remote CTO means you can have access to the top CTO talent from anywhere in the world. In house workers take up a lot more space and use up other resources that remote workers do not. A remote CTO will save your company money and time; the fact is a remote CTO doesn’t need a desk, computer, medical insurance or even coffee! Work gets done without all the overhead costs of hiring a full-time in-house CTO. Additionally, when working with CTO International we can boast nearly 24/7 coverage. At CTO International we can help your organization or business stay competitive for years to come. Do a cost benefit analysis and you’ll see just how much of an asset a remote CTO will be for your company.

Principles & Values

Our core value and philosophy is to use clear communication and strategic thinking to ensure that the technical strategy matches your overall business strategy. Our goal is to apply technology in a way that will have a positive impact on your company as a whole. Using both clear communication with your team and understanding the needs of your organization we can achieve growth and stability for the long term.

How We Are Different

CTO international is not only equipped to handle technical challenges, but we are also committed to creating strategies that work for your team and long-term business goals. Our most important mission is talking with you and your team to ensure that you understand emerging technologies and how they can help grow your business. Introducing change and implementing technology should not be a scary, expensive or stressful process. Part of our job at CTO International is to streamline inefficiencies and translate these changes between the technical and non-technological people who may be inside your organization.

How We Work

CTO international employs a core team of expert developers, engineers, and IT experts. We effectively manage multiple projects while communicating with the development team and other business units.

Global Coverage

We have worked with global companies, organizations, and business around the world. Developing tailor-made solutions for any industry is all in a day’s work for CTO International.

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