CTO International helps businesses set up necessary systems to run smoother, scale operations, and gain a competitive advantage. We solve a variety of complex technology problems within cloud computing, data security, data analysis and server integrations. CTO International removes barriers caused by common technology challenges. Acting as a remote technology leader, we rapidly deploy solutions to improve current operations, provide data insights, increase communication between teams and assets, and boost sales and conversions. CTO International assesses a company’s technology gaps and spearheads solutions. We offer businesses a technology leader for hire at a fraction of the cost of a full time employee.

Who is the CTO behind CTO International?

I’m Jacob Davis. I have over 10 years of development experience and 5 years’ experience as a remote CTO. All too often, I see companies struggling to scale because they don’t have the right systems. They’re working inefficiently in their day to day operations, making it impossible to think of the future, implement solutions, and spearhead new initiatives. Not to mention the lack of internal competency in tech. Bringing an obsession with productivity and streamlined business systems as well as technical expertise, I work with real estate companies and large ecommerce sellers. The work we achieve together results in smoother operations that ready to scale and increased ROI.

How CTO International works

As your tech point person, I tap into a premier network of developers, engineers, and IT experts as needed.

It’s the best of both worlds when it comes to technology consulting. You get an expert you can trust, personalized service, an easy fit within your company, and you also get access to a larger talent pool if needed.

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