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IT Infrastructure Management

We manage your data and technology in the cloud. We can also act as communicators between your IT team to ensure that all software, hardware, information systems, database and any other IT infrastructures are working smoothly and efficiently for your business. By attending to helpdesk and troubleshooting calls, we will help you gain more time, so you can focus on growing your business instead of dealing with technical bugs and operational frustrations.

Creative Problem Solving

We help you find solutions to your business goals. Our remote CTO can offer a unique perspective that someone attached to the company may have missed. Your overall business strategy will become a guideline for us to come up with creative solutions to fit your unique needs. We can also help to improve the delivery pipeline in your organization, which can lead to a faster time-to-market for your product or service.

Security Management

We keep your proprietary data backed up and secure. We make sure to cover all angles and risks of security issues that your company may face. The different security tools and architecture that we may use for your business will ensure the safety of proprietary data, private customer information, and financial data. It will also ensure that your company website or database will be extremely difficult to hack, and will prevent your network from getting infected with malware or viruses. Lastly, your security applications are only as good as their latest update, which is why CTO International always stays up to date with the latest changes and updates in your security programs.


We automate your processes to maximize operational efficiency. With the use of technology, we can generate exponential growth that would otherwise be impossible if things were left to manual or outdated processes. By making your company scalable it allows your organization to maintain or hopefully improve profit margins while sales volume increases. Unfortunately, many companies that do not have automated operations or use cloud computing will collapse either because of competition or because their system cannot handle an influx of new sales. We make sure you are prepared for success and sustainability.

Business Technology and Strategy

We help you find the best technology for your business needs. This will help you capture lucrative opportunities in your industry or market and stay ahead of the competition. Bringing technology to your business growth strategy can help your vision becomes a reality. CTO International can translate your organization’s long-term goals into achievable short-term goals and objectives. We enable your organization to take small measurable steps which will help you achieve that long-term vision. We can ensure accountability, measurability and ongoing commitment to implementation.

Personnel Management

We manage your team remotely and hire additional staff. Your small in-house team is probably excellent at what they do, but when integrating the latest technology into your organization, you need to make sure that you hire someone who can manage new systems and integrate any new software and solutions into your company. CTO International can smooth out the process of finding remote staff by hiring top-notch programmers, developers, and designers that will provide the highest quality work for your business. This will also save you time and frustration trying to find the right people to work with your team. Communication is the key to success, which is why we oversee the communication from any remote staff to your team to ensure smooth and effortless productivity and growth.

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